Friday, February 24, 2006

Thou shalt not call the judge a knucklehead.

Ten Commandments for Appearing in Court.

1. Thou shalt not disrespect the judge. Do not tell her she looks like Curly Joe, even if she does.
2. Thou shalt not argue with the judge.
3. Thou shalt not lie to the judge. She can toss you in the slammer for a long time.
4. Thou shalt not crack wise with the judge.
5. Thou shalt not wear your fuck-me pumps, mini skirt or Hell's Angels' colors to court.
6. Thou shalt not gripe about the officer's behavior. The judge doesn't care. File a complaint with internal affairs if the officer was a jerk.
7. Thou shalt not chat loudly with the person next to you while other cases are being tried.
8. Thou shalt not fidget, moan, grumble or shake your head while the officer is testifying.
9. Thou shalt listen to the officer's testimony and take notes to use for your defense.
10.Thou shalt not scream " Ah, horseshit!" if found guilty.

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