Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Football Follies

A review of the week two's action by a Duck homer

Washington 27
BYU 28
I hate the Huskies, I hate Seattle, I hate purple and gold, but with that being said, the Huskies got jobbed last weekend. The referee made a strict interpretation of a bad rule. Locker's enthusiasm cost the Dawgs a shot at winning the game and it wasn't his fault.

Oregon State 14
Penn State 45
Are the Beavers that bad or is Penn State that good? I know Riley's teams start slow, but I'm not sure they'll recover from what looks like a 1-4 start.

Utah State 24
Oregon 66
Much joy in Duckdom, but I saw a couple of errors that need to be corrected. Their first real test comes up this week on the road at Purdue.

California 66
This score says more about WSU lack of talent and coaching than California's overall strength.

Stanford 17
ASU 41
I actually expected more from Stanford in this game. ASU is loaded. Look out Pac 10.

Toledo 16
Arizona 41
Arizona beats up on another lower tier team. They'll continue the trend next week when they crush New Mexico.

Tennesee 24
Make no mistake, Tennesee may have been overrated, but Neuheisel is a great game coach. Expect BYU to have their hands full this weekend.

PAC 10 Power Rankings

The Haves:

1. USC - The Trojans are the king until deposed, though I think that someone along the line will knock them off this year. Take the Trojans over Ohio State and give the 10 points. It'll end up being a laugher.

2. Oregon - The Ducks have some the best skill people in the conference and maybe the best offensive coordinator in the nation with Chip Kelly. Their problem will be keeping enough people healthy to finish as well as they start.

3. ASU - Many don't care for Dennis Erickson, but he's one hell of a coach. The problem with him is that he has happy feet and won't stay anywhere for too long. The Sun Devils won't break a sweat with UNLV.

4. Cal - Another team with a great coach. Like the Ducks they have problems finishing the season as strong as they start. They shouldn't have many problems with Maryland.

The Dark Horses:

5. UCLA - The domination in LA is over. I give the Bruins as much chance as anyone to upset USC this year. Neuheisel's problem isn't in his coaching, but in his management style. He left his last two teams in shambles after his departure.. Expect UCLA to do well for a couple of years, then start a slow slide into mediocracy. Until then though, they'll be hell on wheels.

6. Arizona - Mike Stoops doesn't have the coaching talent of some other PAC 10 coaches, but he has had some good recruiting years that are starting to pay off.

7. Stanford - The Cardinal showed some spark against the Beavs, but stumbled against ASU. They'll be up and down this year, but don't be surprised if they upset one or two of the 'Haves' along the way.

The Have-Nots:

8. Washington - As much as I despise the Huskies, I think Willingham is a decent man and a pretty fair coach. The program was in such a mess when he took over, that it'll take time to right the ship. The bad news for him is that the boosters with bucks are calling for his head. They should do something more productive like putting time and effort into upgrading their facilities.

9. OSU - Riley's teams are an enigma. They roll over and whimper for Cinncinatti and Penn State, then pop up and beat Oregon and USC. I watched their spring game this year and but for a few exceptions, Sammie Slaughter for one, the talent just isn't there. No bowl for the Beavs this year.

10. WSU - When Mike Price let his gonads overload his brain in the strip club a couple of years ago, the Cougs should have taken him back no questions asked. He's one of the few coaches that could win with any regularity up in Pullman. Their only chance for a win this year might be against Portland State, but then again, Jerry Glanville has that game circled in red.

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