Thursday, September 18, 2008

War with Spain?

John McCain wants to fire long time Republican hack and SEC Chairman, Chris Cox, apparently because McCain believes Cox is to blame for our recent financial crisis by not regulating hedge funds and the trading of derivatives. John seems to forget that Cox had nothing to do with AIG, Lehman Brothers and Washington Mutual crashing and burning. Rather, this crisis was a long time coming and grew from the Republican-driven deregulation of the real estate, insurance and banking industries, which just happened to be championed by George Bush and John McCain. Now, instead of fixing the mess, McCain throws Cox under the bus and calls for a long-term '9-11 like' commission to study the mess while our economy goes further down the crapper.

This just in: In a bizzare interview with Cadena SER, John McCain either thinks that Spain lies somewhere south of Mexico or those darned Iberians just can't be trusted. The link is here:

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