Saturday, January 28, 2006

altportland - A review

Clean, informative, simple

Good blogs should offer fresh insight and opinions about the world. The comments don't have to be profound or ponderous, but they have to inform the reader about something. Vickie Jean's local blog, altportland, has clear and informative reviews of Portland events and places. Vickie describes her blog like this:
If you haven't been here before, let me give you a quick synopsis. This is largely my opinion of what's cool and a good value in Portland. And who am I? I'm an underemployed thirty-something who likes to go out and eat out but generally doesn't have a lot of cash. I love Portland; I can't imagine living anywhere else. I love feedback, and I especially love reviews of local establishments -- leave me comments, please.
I like it that she goes to places I would enjoy--who else would go to the Original Hotcake and Steak House on Powell? I like it that she has well-balanced opinions that I respect, that her blog just isn't a rehash of someone else's and that it's not cluttered with cheesey ads and banners.

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vj said...

Gosh, thank you! That's really what I'm trying for.