Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bush's Economic Bust

At the end of 2005, the Dow Jones closed at 10732 points, less than a 2% gain since George W. Bush took office in January of 2001. The NASDAQ has suffered an even worse fate, falling 45% in the last five years. During the Reagan administration, the Dow increased 148%, during Clinton's, it increased 187%. Bush's short-sighted economic policies have crippled the American economy. Budget surpluses have given way to the largest deficits in history. American involvement in the Iraqi Civil War sucks up billions of dollars each day. American men and women die every day on foreign shores without proper training or equipment. Republicans ignore the most acute problems using a smoke screen of Pro-Life rhetoric and the drumbeat of terrorism to distract the American public.

Within the next two years, the Alternative Minimum Tax will engulf a large proportion of the middle class. It's a sneaky backdoor tax that will cost many of us thousands of dollars. The Republicans have refused to fix the problem. Maybe they know that they can't pay for their silly war without it and besides, they've focused their energies on repealing the estate tax, cutting the capital gains tax and protecting the bottom line of corporate American. Measures that benefit only the wealthy.

Vote for your pocket book for your retirement, for your kids' education, during the next election, send those Republican rascals home.

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